Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Class Recap: HTML and Twitter

Hey everybody, I hope that you enjoyed today's class as much as I did.

I thought it might be cool to go over what we saw in class today with Mr. Cameron.

A very cool thing about having your own blog is the ability to customize everything.

If you have a look around my website, you'll see that I have customized it all. 

Customization is key for me.

On the left you will see the three brands that I hold most dear to me:

i, Jonathan Garza
This is my portfolio website, which is currently under construction. I had an unexpected attack wipe the site out in Oct. 2012.

Look back some time this semester to see what my work as a journalist is all about.

Dodgers Nation
Meanwhile, you can stay up to date with all news surrounding the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodgers Nation.com.

Talon Marks
As a student of Cerritos College you should be interested in knowing what's happening around the campus.

That said, check out the it's publication, which is both online and in print.

Look out for the first issue at school tomorrow.

Another thing I added on the top right-hand corner was the ability to '+1' my blog on Google+. If you are a member, please follow and spread the word.

I will do the same, if asked.

I elected not to use my personal Twitter account for the classroom, but, you may follow me on there if you choose to: @iJonathanGarza.

Meanwhile you are more than welcome to look my classroom Twitter handle up: @JGarzaJ121.

Don't forget that when you are completed with any blog assignment, you must publish it on to Twitter.

Shorten your link utilizing Bit.ly.

From there you can publish your post with a headline and link on to Twitter, or even utilizing a website I personally love called Hootsuite, which allows you to manage several social media accounts at the same time.

Finally, finish your post with the hashtag: #J121

If you have any questions for me, please email me at: jon@dodgersnation.com.

For privacy purposes I will not post my phone number on this blog, but if you email me asking for it, I gladly will do so.

Also, if you are interested in freelancing for Talon Marks, I can arrange that for you. Again, just speak with me.

Have a great day everybody!


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