Thursday, January 17, 2013

Top 10 Multimedia Journalism sites

The practice of reporting the news to an audience began in 1454 with the printing press, evolved into a widespread newspaper, continued onto radio and television and finally has arrived to the era of multimedia journalism.

Nowadays anybody can be a journalist.

Websites such as Blogger (which is where you are visiting) or WordPress offer every day citizens of the world to begin their own blog.

Over the years many websites have perfected their craft in accurately passing on news utilizing multimedia journalism.

Here are some of the best around:

Teaching Online Journalism
Initially this website was suggested by Cerritos College Journalism Adviser Rich Cameron during the Journalism 121 classroom. However, upon visiting it, I felt like I landed upon something useful for my every day journalistic needs.

The first post that was introduced was one asking: What do people search for online?

As a professional blogger, this is something necessary, given that I interact with thousands of fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team every day.

One of my challenges is to engage with them, but offer something that nobody else can give them.

TOJ, run by Mindy McAdams, a professor of the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida, investigated the question and found astounding results.


Yes, people are searching for timelines!

Really? That of yesteryear?


Sure visitors seek stories and want to know more about social media, but it's timelines that takes the cake as the champion of topics being searched for.

Out of 5,177 searches, 2,397 were for timelines, or 46.3 percent of searches made in the study.

McAdams exposes readers to topics such as: teaching journalism to students and the popularity of blog posts across WordPress.

University of Oregon Multimedia Journalism
The site advertises 13 students that are on a mission to redefine the future of journalism.

That is exactly what they are doing.

As mentioned earlier, journalism is continually evolving.

The UO website finds videos and photo stories, and pieces them all together to create a reputable brand that spreads their message for them through the usage of multimedia.

North Florida Multimedia Journalism
As a member of Cerritos College's Talon Marks newspaper, I would ideally love to see our brand embrace more video articles about our students.

At any of the other websites on this list can you find a video that is likely posted elsewhere; but what about a unique one featuring the students of the University of North Florida?

What about Cerritos College?

There are interesting stories on campus that need to be told. Perhaps this article will make it over to the desk of the Editor-in-Chief. 

Robb Montgomery
An excellent page to view is the one over with Robb Montgomery, who shares different ways of getting work completed for journalists.

The knock on the page is that it isn't updated regularly, with the last post getting published on Nov. 10.

But, a pretty cool slideshow generator and The Design Method are enough of a highlight to garner a spot into the top 10 multimedia websites.

Eyes on Iowa
Care about a topic? The folks at Drake University did, and they put together a page focusing on the state of Iowa.

The page allows for users to easily engage with the website through the usage of comments, but also remains user friendly, offering plenty of pictures and even some videos.

Matt Flener
You just can't help but to feel personally connected to Matt Flener as you read his articles.

Then there are the photos and videos that help to further bring them to life.

Flener mirrors a style of writing I love to utilize. While I might not be able to converse with my readers, I still attempt to do so.

Amy Cavill
What impresses me about this website is: Innovation.

Never have I seen a map be utilized to tell a story.

If you look at the article titled "Map Skills Test" you will be introduced to a series of briefs that are marked on different pieces of a map. You can click through those links on it to read the full article.

Pretty clever!

This website notifies journalists of pending jobs in the field, as well as passes along things worth watching or engaging in.

They update on a regular basis which is always a good thing for readers looking for something new to read and learn about.

It even goes into tips for Adobe Premiere Pro, a program that any multimedia journalist would love to get better at.

Campfire Journalism
Mark Berkey-Gerard is a teacher at Rowan University, who is another instructor that shares his tactics of teaching with other professors across the United States.

As a student it's great to be able to soak in different styles that other teachers might preach.

Granted the bulk of the same information is already taught at Cerritos College, it's good to be able to check in with other schools in hopes that a message could sink in, but in a different way.

Major League Roadtrip
As a huge sports fan, I see websites like this one and geek out.

While I think that the website could be done differently, they succeeded in getting their message out there, and I congratulate them on their achievement.

In fact, it's inspiring me to try my own right about now.

There you have it. Have a look at some of these pages, or perhaps start your own.

The world of journalism is evolving right this second. Hurry up, try to catch it before it leaves you behind.

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