Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Moving on to Animated Cartoons

Yesterday in class we discussed animated cartoons, and will be taught how to properly create them tomorrow.

I'm so excited that I thought I would share my script with everybody.

Initially I thought about doing a skit involving a person and his iPhone; particularly a conversation with Siri.

But upon exploring Xtranormal's website, I discovered that such an altercation wouldn't be possible.

Thus, I give you: Reason to write for Talon Marks

Person 1: Why on Earth would anybody want to write for Talon Marks?
Person 2: Why would somebody not want to voice his opinion?

1: It seems like a lot of work!
2: Are you that lazy? Really?

2: The hard work is part of an enjoyable service to help inform the community of Cerritos College

1: But you don't get paid!
2: Is money what really matters to you?

1: Well...
2: Wait! Don't answer that just yet.

2: Think about the hundreds of students you'll spread a message to.
1: I have...

2: I'm not done!

2: Think about the dozens of people you will meet.
1: Sounds...

2: Excuse me! Let me finish!!

2: Think about new situations you will become a part of, and the news you will create out of it.


1: Are you done?
2: I was expecting you to interrupt me with a question.

1: No, I was finished.
2: That's terrible journalism. A good journalist is always full of questions!

1: Ok. Umm. How do I join Talon Marks?
2: You have to enroll in the Journalism 107 class with Professor Rich Cameron.

2: After the first semester you can even escalate into the Editorial Board, and could perhaps even be the Editor-in-Chief some day.

2: Who knows? It could consume you enough to get you to change your major.

2: Are you up to the challenge?

1: Absolutely. I'm going to sign up right now!

I feel that the content may be a little short. If you have any ideas or suggestions for me to add on, edit, or remove, feel free to comment away.

See you all tomorrow!

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