Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Recapping Xtranormal and the test

Xtranormal: Giving life to words

In Thursday's class we finally were able to give voices to our scripts.

I'll admit, I had a lot more hope for mine, but, it's ok, it's a start.

I decided to go with stick figures and a plain background, with the thought that one actor be in full color against another that was see-through.

The thinking here is that the fully-colored character would be the knowledgeable person of the two as he introduces reasons to join Talon Marks.

More to come as it happens.

The test

For many class periods we were told that we would be getting our first quiz.

It was finally posted online, and I nearly missed taking it.

A big thanks to Carlos Mariscal for the reminder just before the deadline.

Not only did I take it, but I feel I excelled at it.

Would anybody care to share their answers as to what constitutes a good blog? How about reasons to use social media?

Outside the class

For those that follow me on Twitter, you might have seen that I became the PA announcer for the Cerritos College baseball team.

The experience itself was purely amazing.

However, it's more challenging than it looks!

Here's an example. When you attend a Dodgers (or I guess Angels) game, the announcer will announce the starting lineups, each batter and player substitutions.

Did you know that he has to spot this though?

Thus, I am watching over the bullpen constantly over the game. But not minding it one bit.

The results of the games over the weekend were as follows:

>Citrus College 4
Cerritos College 3

Los Angeles Valley College 1
>Cerritos College 6

>College of the Canyons 4
Cerritos College 1  F/8

My busy weekend also included tweeting a play-by-play feed at @TalonMarks for the Cerritos College men's and women's basketball teams.

Unfortunately the result was a split of the games:

El Camino College-Compton Center 30
>Cerritos College 66

>No. 2 Mt. San Antonio College 80
No. 12 Cerritos College 66

Then there was a trip to Disneyland on Saturday night, and my occasional bowling league on Sunday. But for the one person that made it this far, spare yourself the trouble and just ask me if you are still curious.

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