Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Getting up to speed (again)

As others review blogs in the class, I just completing copy editing the front page of tomorrow's Talon Marks newspaper.

In it are designs that I made, where I got to mock-up a Falcons coin and also a Falcons dollar bill.

It will be hard to miss either of them, but I really suggest that you have a look at it when the issue hits stands tomorrow around 9 a.m. at several locations on campus.

Check back later on tonight for a link to our digital edition of the paper.

In Class
OK, so this is supposed to be a blog about the class.

I am about 85 percent completed with the infographic that we were assignment a class period ago.

The project is to study statistics of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Have a look for yourself: 

My infographic is well underway, but still needs some finishing touches.
How are your projects coming along?

Would you suggest that I do anything differently from what I already have?

I mentioned earlier about how we reviewed each others' blogs.

If I came off as too harsh, I'm sorry, but I'm not. My goal as a journalist is to educate the inhabitants of the world, but also to better my colleagues.

Thus, I strive to improve everybody as much as possible.

That said, here are the four sites I had a look at today:

Carlos' Multimedia


Mr. Hodge

Comprehending Multimedia Reporting

All-in-all I was impressed with what I saw, but know that even the best blogger needs improvement.

I hope that everybody took something from my review.

If you weren't in my group and require advice, feel free to ask. The only stupid question is the one not asked!

That said, have a great rest of the day!  

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