Monday, April 8, 2013

Time to get back on track

Boy a few weeks can sure pass by as if just minutes, or even seconds.

To give you a quick update, we are currently developing slideshows in class utilizing a handy program called SoundSlides Plus, which easily allows any user to upload photos and sounds to tell a story a different way.

My group for this project includes: Eddie Alvarado, Rocio Rodriguez and Michael Stephenson.

We are to seek a person with an unusual hobby or job.

Interpreters are necessary in this world to aid disabled students. The job isn't necessarily one that just anybody can identify with.

Thus today we went out and interviewed Ms. Mary D'ettorre, who is the coordinator of the interpreters for the Cerritos College Disabled Students' Programs and Services.

She provided some golden information in a well-spoken interview that will be pieced together for the sake of completing this project.

From there we will seek out photos tomorrow in hopes of moving along this process quickly.

I will keep you all posted (for sure this time) on our progress as it comes along.

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